in my camera bag


Canon 5D Mark III  

{My very first DSLR was the Canon 20D and I shot with that until late 2012. I prefer the Mark III’s ability to perform beautifully in low light.}

50 mm 1.2 L series lens 

{This lens is on my camera 90% of the time. I love the 50 mm length and the glass quality is superb, positively worth the investment.}

28 mm 1.8 wide angle lens

{I tend to use this lens during photojournalistic sessions. I love distortion in my images and this gives me a bit of that to play with. This is also a great lens for tight spaces like hospital rooms, sessions in old houses, and travel photography.}

Canon TS-E 24mm 3.5L II ultra wide tilt-shift lens 

{I have always favored a bit of whimsy and sometimes distortion in my images. This older, but fantastic lens gives fantastic results. It’s manual only, and my first choice for personal and storytelling photography.}

For free-lensing 50 mm 1.8 lens 

{An oldie, but still favorite lens that’s perfect for free lensing!}

LensBaby Composer Pro II with sweet 50 optic lens 

{I adore tilt shift and this a great, smaller option to the Canon tilt shift.}

I love my messenger, but also adore the Timbuktu insert for everyday grab and shoot {it fits in any bag}.

I edit on my Macbook Pro + large screen + in Lightroom. For admin and studio management I used Iris Works. I share and store galleries for clients in Pixieset. I plan and implement Instagram posts with the Later App on my iPhone 6.

For prints I love White House Color Correct {WHCC} and for canvases I adore Artsy Couture.