march week four
April 13, 2017

This week I was mostly in Arizona and it was GLORIOUS! I’m not going to get into details about how scary my flight home was though {I’ve had a few awful flights and am now feeling a bit anxious about flying} 😉 Visiting Phoenix and nearby Mesa is on the top of the list when […]

My January + February 365 Favorites
March 6, 2017

The winter keeps plugging along, February and March being my least favorite months of the whole year I felt relieved that February passed so quickly. In January I visited Annapolis, MD and Washington D.C. In March I’ll be heading to Las Vegas and Arizona. I’m excited to see how those visits will play into my […]

February 2017 Photo Challenge
February 8, 2017

Another month, hooray! I’m surprised and a bit delighted to see how January’s photo challenge worked out. Courtney and I were cracking up as we created the prompts for last and this month. I think I’m ready for a bit of spring and suffering from some cabin fever. January-March in Minnesota is just HARD, but […]

365 for 2017 | A Monthly Photo Challenge
January 1, 2017

Courtney and I decided we needed something fun to start out the New Year! We’ve created a monthly challenge. I have been so challenged by photography prompts throughout the years and am so excited about January’s list. Each quarter we’ll select a favorite shot and send out a small gift, so be sure to play […]

twenty-nine self portraits
January 1, 2017

Over the past twelve months I’ve taken 29 self-portraits over the duration of my 29th year of life. Each year I like to choose a personal photography project and it just so happens that birthday is very close to New Year’s. In years past I’ve completed 365 daily photo prompts, monthly Instagram challenges, and various, […]

photo challenge: you in black & white
October 1, 2015

We made it! We did it! Heck, I’m shocked I even finished 😉 Today’s final challenge was a fun one. Who doesn’t secretly enjoy the challenge and fun of a self portrait? I set up my tripod, in the beautiful afternoon light that floods my bedroom, and had a quick session. I’ve so, so enjoyed […]

photo challenge: stomping grounds
October 1, 2015

Most days of the week I’m here… at my beautiful Church in Minneapolis! I work at Calvary part time and of course am there most Sundays. So it’s safe to say it truly is one of my “stomping grounds.” And, I lived in the Whittier-Wedge {where Calvary has been located, for oh, over a hundred […]

photo challenge: catching up II
September 28, 2015

Had I known I would be moving in September I may have decided not to author a photo challenge 😉 Let’s just say that staying caught up is hard. I don’t know how other challenge hosts do it. I’ll just be thrilled when I finished, and like I’ve said from the beginning– this is supposed […]

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