a waffle bar baby sprinkle
April 13, 2017

A sprinkle is a small baby shower, usually thrown for a mama who is welcoming her second {or more!} baby. Last month I hosted a waffle-themed shower for my friend Courtney and had so much fun putting together all the party details… Courtney’s nearly two-year-old daughter nicknamed her baby brother Waffle, and the name has […]

February 2017 Photo Challenge
February 8, 2017

Another month, hooray! I’m surprised and a bit delighted to see how January’s photo challenge worked out. Courtney and I were cracking up as we created the prompts for last and this month. I think I’m ready for a bit of spring and suffering from some cabin fever. January-March in Minnesota is just HARD, but […]

real life > feeds at The WHIT art gallery
February 3, 2017

I’m so happy to share that my second, public photography show went well. I had a grand opening on the 10th and several people were able to make {even most of the subjects!}. This entire experience was very eye opening and interesting to me. I’ve shared some information about my show here.  Laura, the gallery […]

365 for 2017 | A Monthly Photo Challenge
January 1, 2017

Courtney and I decided we needed something fun to start out the New Year! We’ve created a monthly challenge. I have been so challenged by photography prompts throughout the years and am so excited about January’s list. Each quarter we’ll select a favorite shot and send out a small gift, so be sure to play […]

twenty-nine self portraits
January 1, 2017

Over the past twelve months I’ve taken 29 self-portraits over the duration of my 29th year of life. Each year I like to choose a personal photography project and it just so happens that birthday is very close to New Year’s. In years past I’ve completed 365 daily photo prompts, monthly Instagram challenges, and various, […]

14/29 Self Portraits
September 8, 2016

September is here! I’m in part shock and also quite relieved. I love fall. It always feels like a fresh start, a new year, despite having not sat in a classroom since graduating college seven (!!!) years ago. September will always feel like its a beginning in a way January just can’t be. This has […]

13/29 Self Portraits
September 7, 2016

This is what a lot of my days look like: big editing screen behind me and a cup full of delicious coffee. I’ve started getting up much earlier to maximize work time, and it has been a great decision overall. I’m also trying to get to bed earlier so I don’t need as much coffee […]

12/29 self portraits
September 7, 2016

End of summer means sunflowers in Minnesota. I’ve admired this small plot of them along highway 55 nearby the turn off for my neighborhood. Finally, one Sunday after Calvary’s Back to School event I decided to make a portrait. 0000

11/29 self portraits
August 20, 2016

A little blurry but a lot of happy. Shooting photos + video at HWMR in North Minneapolis for the new #BlackExcellence brand. Yay! … But a bit of sadness too because that strip shirt got a stain on it that I couldn’t get out 0000

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