making your own Kombucha + Cold Press
August 16, 2017

Last summer I decided to learn how to make kombucha and cold press. Both are beverages that I absolutely love, and have spent a good chunk of money on. I knew I could DIY both, but I admit that I was intimidated by kombucha, and a little worried about making it safely. Now that I’ve […]

Photo Organization + DIY Baby Book | By Sasha Elliott
July 13, 2017

This past Saturday, I was fortunate enough to sit in on Katie’s most recent workshop: photo organization. This is something I struggle with immensely. Especially living in the digital age, where we constantly have a camera, we can constantly be capturing images. It really got me thinking about something I’ve been working on a long […]

a waffle bar baby sprinkle
April 13, 2017

A sprinkle is a small baby shower, usually thrown for a mama who is welcoming her second {or more!} baby. Last month I hosted a waffle-themed shower for my friend Courtney and had so much fun putting together all the party details… Courtney’s nearly two-year-old daughter nicknamed her baby brother Waffle, and the name has […]

February 2017 Photo Challenge
February 8, 2017

Another month, hooray! I’m surprised and a bit delighted to see how January’s photo challenge worked out. Courtney and I were cracking up as we created the prompts for last and this month. I think I’m ready for a bit of spring and suffering from some cabin fever. January-March in Minnesota is just HARD, but […]

real life > feeds at The WHIT art gallery
February 3, 2017

I’m so happy to share that my second, public photography show went well. I had a grand opening on the 10th and several people were able to make {even most of the subjects!}. This entire experience was very eye opening and interesting to me. I’ve shared some information about my show here.  Laura, the gallery […]

365 for 2017 | A Monthly Photo Challenge
January 1, 2017

Courtney and I decided we needed something fun to start out the New Year! We’ve created a monthly challenge. I have been so challenged by photography prompts throughout the years and am so excited about January’s list. Each quarter we’ll select a favorite shot and send out a small gift, so be sure to play […]

twenty-nine self portraits
January 1, 2017

Over the past twelve months I’ve taken 29 self-portraits over the duration of my 29th year of life. Each year I like to choose a personal photography project and it just so happens that birthday is very close to New Year’s. In years past I’ve completed 365 daily photo prompts, monthly Instagram challenges, and various, […]

14/29 Self Portraits
September 8, 2016

September is here! I’m in part shock and also quite relieved. I love fall. It always feels like a fresh start, a new year, despite having not sat in a classroom since graduating college seven (!!!) years ago. September will always feel like its a beginning in a way January just can’t be. This has […]

13/29 Self Portraits
September 7, 2016

This is what a lot of my days look like: big editing screen behind me and a cup full of delicious coffee. I’ve started getting up much earlier to maximize work time, and it has been a great decision overall. I’m also trying to get to bed earlier so I don’t need as much coffee […]

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