The H Family | A Studio Session
March 23, 2018

Anna is one of the most positive people I know. She and I met in college and I’m sorry to say I just haven’t seen her much since those days. The years are truly flying by! It has been such a delight to watch her settle down and create her own family. Her sweet daughter […]

The D Family at home | A Photojournalistic Session
March 23, 2018

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Amanda for a long time. During college, she and I used to work together at a daycare center. I was always so in awe of her amazing tattoos and then later, her gorgeous family! Recently she and her family decided to move houses and wanted to capture a few […]

Little J is ONE |A Studio Session
March 23, 2018

During these winter days I just love having the option of shooting in studio. It’s an amazing place! And, it’s ideal for capturing milestone sessions– like this guy’s first birthday: 0000

welcome little B | A photojournalistic session
March 23, 2018

I feel pretty confident in staying that I have the most delightful, wonderful clients. I met Jen through my friend and sorority sister Alicia. She reached out wanting a photojournalistic session to capture her family’s newest addition. I love that she wanted something laid back. I love keeping newborn sessions as chill as possible Baby […]

Neighborhood Night Out at HWMR
March 6, 2018

I can’t believe I am finally documenting this incredible event months later… I blame a busy fall, getting pregnant, and then being sick for weeks 😉 When I think about the work I’ve captured, these images remain some of my proudest work. Confession: I used to despite NNO. I thought it was really dorky and […]

visiting NOLA {again!}
March 6, 2018

  I don’t know what luck I stumbled upon to get to visit New Orleans TWICE in one year, but I am taking it. Seth and I planned this trip for right after Thanksgiving, which is a perfect time for a weekend getaway. Instead of shopping on Black Friday we flew from frigid Minnesota to […]

branding session | Melissa Klug
February 7, 2018

I met Melissa through my dear friends, The Fergusons. She recently launched an organization business based off the principles of Marie Kondo. I love all things home and life organization, so it was wonderful to sit down and get to know Melissa and her vision more. She is a fabulous resource and it was an […]

welcome sweet M | an at home newborn session
January 23, 2018

Right before Christmas I had the joy of capturing a sweet at-home newborn session for my friend Jessi. Her newest addition is the sweetest and we had such gorgeous light thanks to a layer of fresh snow and bright sun. Usually I capture newborn sessions at my studio, which I love, but doing cozy home […]

When someone emails me and asks for “LinkedIn portraits” I want to scream and hide under my bed. While I love capturing portraits for brands and small businesses, I hate the culture of boring that is often expected. Thankfully I get to work with and capture for folks who want something a little different. My […]

Petit Christmas 2017
December 15, 2017

This year’s Petit Christmas Sessions were the best… in part because we had FANTASTIC, warm weather. In year’s past we’ve shot with snow on the ground, but not this year. It was positively lovely and so pleasant. I imagine this is how people down south feel when they’re capturing outdoor, winter sessions. Each year I […]

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