Engaged : Evan & Ali
March 25, 2017

Ali is my sweet friend from church and her dad happens to be our pastor. She’s the best, and one of the sweetest, most gracious people I know. She is also organized, which I so appreciate! When we met to discuss her and Evan’s wedding scheduled for next winter {hooray! I love winter weddings!}, she […]

#CaptureVegas | Calico Basin
March 23, 2017

Last year when I was in town we took photos at this very spot. Calico BasinĀ is full of stunning red rock, green bush, and has several walking and hiking paths. Since my favorite time to shoot is right before sunset, that’s exactly what we did– the kiddos were in such great spirits as we hiked […]

Courtney’s Maternity Session, at the bodega
March 23, 2017

Sometimes a photography dream gets to come true: like this one, shooting a simple maternity session at a little bodega. I’ve visited this place a few times and fell in love with its color walls, rows of rainbow sodas, and the friendly staff. They have a little bakery case up front and a box of […]

march week two: accessories
March 18, 2017

I only ended up taking four photographs for my accessories week, but that’s okay– I love them all and they make me smile. I think it’s important to build in grace with a long project like this. It’s supposed to be fun and joy-filled, not stressful and irritating. Life’s short, make it work for you! […]

#CaptureVegas | springtime at the orchard
March 18, 2017

While visiting my dear friends the Denton family and my incredible God kids we had a little photo shoot at a place called Gilcrease Orchards. I am quite fond of photographing in orchards, but have never done a desert orchard session. We arrived just in time for golden hour, and the sky turned from a […]

My January + February 365 Favorites
March 6, 2017

The winter keeps plugging along, February and March being my least favorite months of the whole year I felt relieved that February passed so quickly. In January I visited Annapolis, MD and Washington D.C. In March I’ll be heading to Las Vegas and Arizona. I’m excited to see how those visits will play into my […]

what I love about in-hospital sessions
March 5, 2017

This session reminded me, again, of how much I love in-hospital, newborn sessions. I realized when I was writing about sweet C that I had all but forgotten to share a session I did for my sweet friend Mara as she welcomed a darling babe. {This was such a fun moment I didn’t want to […]

hello sweet C
March 4, 2017

Recently my sweet friend Jana welcomed a new baby into her family. After this darling girl made her debut I high-tailed it over to the hospital to snap a quick, fresh-48 session. In-hospital sessions just have a beautiful, journalistic quality to them… {Simple details like a door number} Jana is an incredible mother; I love […]

mom’s recipe box
February 21, 2017

I’ve had these photos saved for other a year, waiting for the perfect moment to share them. My mom has this beautiful, rustic, well-loved recipe box that I’ve admired and loved for years. I am so very sentimental and this box hols many memories for me. Besides the gorgeous box I love the often faded, […]

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