HELLO, I’m Katie

Growing up just outside of Minneapolis I just never quite fit in. I sure wanted to, but there was no denying I wasn’t much like my Twins loving, blond classmates. I spent my childhood days cutting out vintage paper dolls, begging my mom to sew me Daisy Kingdom dresses, and singing along to Nat King Cole with my dad. As an adult, I’ve learned to embrace and celebrate my quirkiness. As one of my dearest friends says, “you can’t please everyone, you’re not pizza.” Being different, which in this state is sometimes a euphemism for bad, shaped the way I see the world and what I do behind the camera lens.

By day I’m a stay-at-home mama to my darling daughter and fiance to my love Seth. While I shoot less than I used to, my passion for photography has only grown with motherhood.

I provide a signature process and product: No two portraits look the same. I want your experience to feel grace-filled and easy, I know family photography sessions can be stressful. I know your husband would rather do something else, and your kids might put up a fit about the outfits you’ve picked out. In the midst of all of this, you’re hoping for a slice of time and love to hang on your wall and I promise it will all be worth it. I surely won’t judge you for bribing your kids, and did you know, bribes work on husbands, too? Together we can make this process as fun and fabulous as possible.

Sound like a good fit? Reach out today.