the d family | a curated session
December 22, 2018

When I think of the D family, I think of energy and joy– three cute kiddos with such a joie de vivre! Kelly reached out to me to book a session early in the fall. Turns out that she and I were in the same college sorority. Sometimes those days feel like yesterday, or else like a million years ago. I left our session feeling energized and amazed at Kelly who so gracefully juggles three young kiddos, a marriage, and career. What a beautiful family she has created: DelahuntCuratedLR-3 DelahuntCuratedLR-9 DelahuntCuratedLR-16 DelahuntCuratedLR-30 DelahuntCuratedLR-33 DelahuntCuratedLR-35 DelahuntCuratedLR-37 DelahuntCuratedLR-41 DelahuntCuratedLR-43 DelahuntCuratedLR-47 DelahuntCuratedLR-53 DelahuntCuratedLR-57 DelahuntCuratedLR-63 DelahuntCuratedLR-67 DelahuntCuratedLR-71 DelahuntCuratedLR-75 DelahuntCuratedLR-77 DelahuntCuratedLR-88 DelahuntCuratedLR-95

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