The Phillips Crew at the Studio
June 5, 2018

I recently received the kindest accolades: the Phillips family booked a studio session with me this spring and came bounding into the studio on a Saturday morning, full of energy and joie de vivre. Their energy was contagious! The kids yelled out “we love it here!” and ran around the studio opening the doors on my lockers, and sitting in the prop chairs. It was so sweet to hear how much they liked my space. I was even asked if they could stay. How incredible is that?! They were a true JOY to photograph and I hope to have them back again soon.
PhillipsStudioSessionLR-3 PhillipsStudioSessionLR-7 PhillipsStudioSessionLR-15 PhillipsStudioSessionLR-29 PhillipsStudioSessionLR-27 PhillipsStudioSessionLR-24

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