Petit Orchard Sessions
June 5, 2018

I don’t think we could have asked for better weather for our Petit Orchard sessions this year! It was warm {but not hot}, slightly breezy, sunny, and the apple blossom trees were indeed in bloom! This isn’t a small feat, but more so a guess and kind of a gamble–  but we seem to be gambling right. As I shared in the previous post, this is the second time my friend Mara and I have shot these sessions. I kind of think they’re my favorite, I love spring at the orchard:
PetitOrchard18OakvikLR-25 PetitOrchard18OakvikLR-30 PetitOrchard18OakvikBWLR-6 PetitOrchard18OakvikLR-7 PetitOrchard18OakvikLR-15 PetitOrchard18OakvikBWLR-12 PetitOrchard18OakvikLR-21 PetitOrchard18OakvikBWLR-2 PetitOrchard18MendelLR-10 PetitOrchard18MendelBWLR-3 PetitOrchard18MendelLR-7 PetitOrchard18MendelBWLR-9 PetitOrchardKitchensLR-1 PetitOrchardKitchensLR-6 PetitOrchardKitchensBWLR-2 PetitOrchardKitchensLR-7 PetitOrchardKitchensBWLR-3 PetitOrchardKitchensLR-9

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