I love big families, or, the Loes at my studio
June 5, 2018

It was such an honor to have the Loe family back behind my lens. Its been a while since I captured them and in that time {almost two year}, they’ve added a new family member in sweet S. Despite being an only child I have a really big soft spot for “larger” families. I think it must be due to the fact that my mom is one of nine and my grandma loved having children and grandchildren. The Loes, just like last time were a true joy to work with.
LoeFamilyStudioBWLR-1 LoeFamilyStudioLR-19 LoeFamilyStudioBWLR-27 LoeFamilyStudioBWLR-5 LoeFamilyStudioLR-40 LoeFamilyStudioBWLR-11 LoeFamilyStudioLR-38 LoeFamilyStudioBWLR-9

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