a birth session | welcome sweet E
June 5, 2018

I was joking to a few friends that Memorial Day felt more like Labor Day to me… I ended up doulaing and photographing two births last Monday, one early in the am and one in the afternoon. Thank goodness I had rested quite a bit on Sunday and was able to sleep most of the night after birth #1. These are my final two births before I welcome my own babe so they were bittersweet and wonderful. I have attended six births total since my Godson Amos was born and each birth is special, memorable, and wonderful. I’m looking forward to completing my doula certification through DONA and figuring out what my doula path with be as a new mom myself.

I met Sarah and Nate through a senior doula and mentor who I love named Emily. Emily asked me to be their back up doula in the event that baby E made her debut while Emily was on vacation. As luck would have it… I got a fun call from Nate on Sunday early evening and ended up heading to the hospital a few hours later:


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It was a beautiful, wonderful birth and the very first time I’ve doulaed for a baby girl :) I’m so happy for the K family and wish them a lifetime of happiness with their newest addition.

Also, here’s what doulaing at nearly 29 weeks looks like 😉 a bit comical and a lot of fun:


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