Chicago Reading List | By Sasha Elliott
October 10, 2017

When we were about a month out from our trip to Chicago, I started looking for some non-fiction books about the city. I’ve read a few already (I’ve always been fascinated by Chicago), so I’m going to include those, too. Here’s what I came up with!

Sin in the Second City: Set in the late 1800’s/early 1900’s, this is about the Everleigh sister’s and their infamous Everleigh Club. These two women fought for something that’s still a topic of debate today. I plan on re-reading this because I feel like there’s a lot I didn’t absorb (it’s very history heavy for me).

The Devil in The White City: Take a look at what went into the design and building of the 1893 World’s Fair and how it set the backdrop for “America’s first serial killer,” H.H. Holmes. This read gives lots of detail about famed architect Daniel Burnham (he was a city planner for Chicago and his plan is still used today), as well as H.H. Holmes and his murder hotel.

The Girls of Murder City: If you loved the musical or movie Chicago, you’ll definitely want to read this one. It’s about the true stories of the women who inspired the musical. The musical was actually written by a newspaper reporter who was covering these women’s trials & cases. I found it to be a fast read that really kept my attention.

For the Thrill of It: This is the only one I haven’t actually read. It’s the story of two college students from affluent families who killed a little boy in 1924. It’s definitely not the lightest subject matter (none of these are), but it seems incredibly fascinating to me.

If you haven’t noticed, there’s a theme. I love books set around the turn of the century, specifically the jazz age, that are true crime focused. All of the titles are linked to Amazon in case you want to purchase, but always be sure to check your local library! I know that if you’re apart of the Hennepin County Library system, they have all of these titles available and it’s super easy to request from the online catalog.

What are some of your favorite Chicago-themed books, either fiction or non-fiction? Let me know in the comments! Happy reading!

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