Italy {Part Three}
October 3, 2017


My last few days in Italy were magical and fun. Aside from the excellent teaching I received I walked away from my time and experiences feeling an overwhelming sense of gratitude– I was able to lean into a few truths I knew I needed to accept and change in regards to my business. One of the highlights of the trip didn’t have to do with business at all, it was of course, party night.¬†Our leaders planned an incredible surprise evening for us and all of the details made it an evening to remember…

{We arrived in beautiful Santa Maria, a beachside town, after a lovely day of classes}


{Immediately I ate as many of these as possible. They were so delicious.}



On our very final day in Italy we enjoyed another surprise… a roof top dinner in the center of town. It was so wonderful. On our way a few of us stopped in the town to do some quick shopping.





It was so hard to say goodbye to all the sweet friends and connections that I made. I had a few more days in Italy before my flight back to MN. I spent some time getting caught up on editing {felt so good!} and then travelled to Naples proper with Chelsa and Chrissy. I was so glad to not have to travel alone!

We took a train to Naples and immediately found Chrissy and Chelsa’s hotel. From there we took a stroll up the beautiful street to a little lunch spot…


I’ll be honest in saying that I just can’t get enough of the delicious carbonara I enjoyed while in Italy. In fact, the first dinner I made for myself when I got home was a plate of it. So, so decadent and absolutely dreamy.


My final night in Italy was spent at a lovely hotel. I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was. It was the perfect location for calming my nerves before what would prove to be an incredibly stressful flight.



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