Business Series | Tips on how to successfully work from home
September 26, 2017

In the eight years since I’ve graduated from college I’ve worked at or from home for most of them. I didn’t intend to work from home, or to be a business owner at all really, but I’m incredibly pleased with how things have worked out. I love working {mostly} from home.

When I started as a magazine photographer I left my intern desk and spent my days traveling around the city capturing plates at restaurants. I’d drive home immediately afterward to edit and send images off to my boss. I had a desk, but preferred to work at my vintage, dining room table. Since then, things have changed, and I found a routine that works well for me.

Here are my tips for how to successfully work from home:

  1. Get a part time job somewhere else:

Seems odd, but…

To supplement my photography income I’ve always had to work part-time jobs: nannying, admin, etc… These jobs have actually been incredibly beneficial to me for two reasons: they provide a little bit of financial stability which cuts down on stress and they get me out of my home and studio.

I know it’s tempting to believe that if we had all the time in the world to do what we wanted our businesses would more successful. Ultimately, in life, we don’t always get to do what we want. I had an experience during prayer a few years ago where the Lord said to me: “but Katie, there will always be things you don’t like to do—no matter what part time jobs you are doing.” Learning to prioritize time and juggle responsibilities are important skills in growing a business. You don’t hurt for having something else you’re responsible for.

There’s been quite a bit of news lately about mandatory incomes, while I think that’s fascinating, I’ve benefited and my business has actually grown as a result of the skills I’ve learned and honed in my part-time jobs. More so, I am more thankful for each experience and how it has shaped me.

  1. Give yourself specific tasks for days of the week

I started doing this about nine months ago and it has changed my work life tremendously. I factor in my part-time job schedule and because most people opt to be photographed Friday through Sunday, I know when I should be culling and editing. My schedule is pretty straight forward, I’m not legalistic about it, but I try to stick to certain tasks on certain days:

Monday: I upload, cull, and edit.

Tuesday: I plan social media for the week. I often do timed posts on Facebook and use the Later app on my phone for Instagram.

Wednesday: This is the day I’ll stop by my studio to refresh props or do anything on my to-do list there. I also send out contracts and do invoicing.

Thursday: I submit work {I need to get better about this!}, work on any pitches I’ve got, and submit and engage with Facebook groups.

Friday: This is usually a shoot day for me and if not I’ll do Monday’s to-do list again.

Saturdays: These are always shoot days.

Sundays: Rest. I can’t always do this, but I try my very best to have a Sabbath ON a Sunday. It is something I am always working towards.

  1. Set up an area to work at or have an office if possible.

I do quite a bit of work from a little desk area in my apartment, but I also love to work on the go at coffee shops and other people’s homes. I am excited about the new office space I’m working on around the corner from my studio in the building I rent from. I cannot wait to finish decorating it :)


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