Amos’ Birthday |A baby is born
May 4, 2017

Amos’ birth was one of the most spiritual moments of my life. It was a huge honor to capture it.

Chris called me around 11pm on Monday night and I headed over to The Mother Baby Center shortly afterward. I remember feeling excited, nervous, and a little worried– could I stay up all night if I needed to? Would it be overwhelming to see my friend in pain? Would I get in the way of any doctors or nurses?

Once I arrived those fears subsided, the spirit of the room was joyful and anticipatory. For the very first time, Chris and Courtney shared their son’s name– written in simple dry erase marker on the care board.

“I was praying for a sign about naming him Amos” Courtney said, “and when you suggested it a few months ago, I knew it was right.”


I had been told that labor is a lot of hurry up and wait, lots of stillness, and then moments of intensity, and I would say that’s correct. During Courtney’s labor I couldn’t seem to keep track of the time well. I remember at one moment the sun started to come up and I realized that it was morning. As day broke Courtney’s labor became more intense.

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Throughout the hours Chris was right by Courtney’s side. I think everyone should be imagining a moment like this when they agree to marry someone. His support of her was a truly beautiful thing to see. Her strength could be full force and focused on birthing Amos because behind her was a loving, kind man.


I took a short break to eat some lunch, keeping a watchful eye on my phone the entire time. By the time I returned upstairs, Courtney was beginning transition. Her wonderful nurses including a student from Bethel’s nursing program stayed close by, glimmers of excitement and joy in their eyes. It was at this moment that labor became more painful and intense. I watched as my friend dug deep to breath through hard contractions. She was amazing.


Around 2pm Dr. Ryan, who I met the day before when he stripped Courtney’s membranes, came in. “I could tell in your voice that I needed to come in. I rearranged my day, I said to myself– Courtney’s going to have her baby” he remarked. The moment had arrived, Chris and I stood back just inches away from the stirrups.

In a few pushes he was here. I will never forget watching Amos make his way through and out. It was breathtaking.


  A beautiful, darling boy. A fresh start, a new life, and a child so prayed for and loved. He is perfect.


In addition to photos I took some film of Amos’ birthday. Here’s his little birth announcement that Chris and Courtney shared on social media:

I am so glad I could be there for his birth. Courtney and I have been texting a bit about how incredible it was. She and Chris are doing great and big sister Harriet loves her baby brother. I love this family so much and I am SO honored to be Amos’ godmother.

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