the Hotz family’s studio session
April 13, 2017

It’s springtime and I am loving all the comes along with it, including an uptick in studio sessions. I’ve had the honor of getting to know Ann through working and attending church at Calvary {where my studio is located!}. She runs and lead teaches Calvary’s in-church preschool, Whittier Wildflowers which is a branch of Berry Patch. Her husband Mike is a pastor over at Sanctuary Covenant, and together he and Ann have an amazing brood of sweet, good natured, sparky kids.


I think it’s so sweet how much these two sisters adore each other. The cutest.



The one work that kept coming to my mind during this session was “joy.” This family just adores one another and it’s evident– I’ve learned in my years as a photographer, that for better or worse, everything comes through the lens. This session left me feeling happy and a little silly, because these five were such a delight to work with.



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