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summer bucket list: pick strawberries
August 18, 2016

I picked berries… on the last day that strawberries could be picked. And… I canned homemade strawberry jam that I’ve already give as gifts to family and friends. It’s perfect atop cheese and crackers :)

The farm we chose, Berry Hill Farm, is just a bit north of me in Anoka and positively adorable. They have rows of low strawberries and then an entire area for raspberries as well. We didn’t plan on picking both, but that’s what happened. I’ve flash frozen my raspberries and can’t wait to use them in smoothies during the winter.

My sweet church friend Laura tagged along with my mom and I on this trip and we had such a nice time.

{my mom in her classic sun hat}

{we each picked one of these, an entire flat!}


{Laura and I. This summer I’ve been so much more diligent about sun protection + hats. Let’s all be safe everyone!}


{More berries… I love how tiny and round they are}


{Looking back from the fields to the front of the farm}


{a perfect little berry!}


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